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Reach out to us - we're here to help.

You can obtain new filters from your AiroDoctor dealer. He has the suitable AiroDoctor exchange filters in stock.

Please contact your dealer immediately. He will open a support case and take care of the further processing. We provide a standard warranty of two years. During this period we repair or replace faulty devices.

Please note that the mains voltage of the AiroDoctor S10 (Mini) battery is 5V/2A. This means that only a power supply/charger with 2 amps will work. If you use a power supply/charger with only 1 and 1.5 amps, the power is not sufficient. You will also find all the necessary operating instructions in the AiroDoctor S10 (Mini) operating manual.

Please contact us! We will be happy to answer your questions and help you. You can reach us by phone +82 10 3900 2144 or by email

Contact us, we will be happy to advise you and refer you to our regional sales partners. You can reach us by phone +82 10 3900 2144 or by email