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Setting up the AiroDoctor

Ensure a safe stand and avoid setting up in direct sunlight or opposite to the vents of an air conditioner or in heated locations. Keep a distance of at least 1 meter between the device and other electrical equipment to avoid interference. Make sure that the openings for supply air and exhaust air are not blocked and maintain a distance of 1 meter to walls and objects at the sides and rear. The air must be able to circulate without restriction. Do not place any objects on the product, especially magnetic ones, and do not place any flammable substances (such as sprays, gases or similar) near the device. The device may only be used in dry rooms. Avoid moisture or the infiltration of liquids.

The installation of the AiroDoctor is very simple. You only need to remove the plastic packaging of the combination filter (activated carbon and HEPA filter). To do this, follow the steps from the instruction manual. After you have reinserted the filter and prefilter cover, connect the device to the power and switch it on. The AiroDoctor now analyzes the indoor air quality for approx. 60 seconds and then immediately starts the first procedure. For details on operation and use, please refer to the operating instructions and the video.

First, unpack and insert the activated charcoal / HEPA filter. Connect the device and switch it on using the touch panel on the device. The AiroDoctor now analyzes the room air quality for approx. 60 seconds and then immediately starts with the first measure.